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Advice about Baby Comforters

Things to remember when choosing your baby comforters...

  1. Buy more than one! You never know when your baby's favourite toy may be lost, or just need washing! Choose a comforter which is simple and consistent, the less fussy the better, check the history with the retailer to see if there have been many changes to it, as you do not want to buy a comforter which has changed when you need to purchase another after your baby has bonded with it.

    This big world and baby’s immediate surroundings are all so new and there is a lot to take in, that’s why babies love simplicity, consistency and routine. A round shape like a ball is the first shape a baby familiarises with, so the shape of the head is perfect for growing little fingers to discover and hold.


  3. If you've chosen a particular toy for your newborn baby's comforter, try to avoid anything bulky or furry, with loose fibers, removable parts or lots of fussy adornments, choose one made of hygroscopic material such as soft cotton toweling as this is the best material for retaining your scents.

    A baby needs simplicity and consistency and most importantly safety, so do Mums and Dads. For the first few months make sure this is the only toy in your baby's cot at bedtime. Otherwise he/she may adopt something else which may be impractical or difficult to replace!


  5. Before introducing your baby to his or her new comforter, sleep with it in your bed or carry it around in your clothes to absorb all those comforting mummy/daddy smells. When you place it in the cot it will help to soothe and calm your baby, feeling secure in the knowledge you are always close by...


  7. Choose a different coloured baby comforter for your second baby so that there will be no confusion.


  9. Keep a note of name and place purchased from or take website address off packaging, then if you need to buy another comforter exactly the same, it will make it easier to track down! Otherwise buy at least two I can assure you it will be a sound investment.


  11. I know if like me with my first baby you wouldn’t need dummies or any help, don’t believe it I can assure you if you don’t introduce a comforter of your choosing, then most babies will definitely adopt something from their surroundings, which may not be practical, it can even be a sleeve of their clothing or as we all know the dreaded thumb.


  13. So take heed and choose wisely and your baby will grow up contented and secure. It will make life a lot easier for you as parents giving more precious quality time to spend with your little treasures.