Comfort & Safety

Cuski is a wonderfully natural, safe and healthy alternative to other baby toys or comforters. It is generally believed that babies with comforters grow up to be more secure toddlers and children. Feedback from satisfied Cuski customers certainly supports this view – especially when compared to other children in the family who grew up without one.

For peace of mind, Cuski has been fully tested to European Safety Standards. It is machine washable and, wash after wash, will retain its wonderful softness. Cuski is suitable from birth and children up to the age of five have converted from worn out blankets to a stylish Cuski – much to their parents’ delight.

Cuskis have become an invaluable means of calming babies all over the world and are a source of comfort to parents as much as they are to children.

To always reassure baby, Cuski is simple, functional and most importantly consistent. Unlike other comforters, Cuski remains the same.

Cuski complies will all relevant British and European safety standards. BSEN71, EN71 Parts 1,2 & 3. Registered Design Number 2086842, Registered Trade Mark Number 2196415, 2447221, 1162307, 1312296.