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Need a nanny? Or help with Granny? There for you. For children, older people, pets and home. enables families across the UK to connect to caregivers in a reliable and easy way, helping them make informed decisions in one of the most critical aspects of their lives – finding and managing quality care.

Trumpety Trump!

We had a Tweet from Ivanka Trump, who said she LOVES our products! And then we had a Retweet to just 1.5 million of her followers.. phew! had to pick ourselves up off the ground after that one!! Lovely Ivanka is pregnant with her 2nd child, and has Cuskiboo, Great Swandoodles, Mini Swandoodles, and Sweet DreameezZ! Mama Cuskis little brother, works with Donald her dad, and says he is the best, only a little bit scary!!

Sweet DreameezZ takes Silver Award

Some very happy mummy testers, loving Sweet DreameezZ our bamboo multi-tasking blackout shade, a Silver award, and we are delighted! Star Grey DreameezZ sells out as soon as it comes in! We cannot make them fast enough!

Gold Award For Miniboo

You are such a clever little fellow, Miniboo Cuski! Scooping just a GOLD award for being so awesome! Thank you BizzieBaby!

Fabulous review by

Pop over to MummyPages to see a great article on our new Mussi Cuskis! MummyPages is the UKs most informative pregnancy and parenting website, if you havent been over there already, we suggest you do!
~ Team Cuski

Facebook Winners ♥ January 28th, 2013

Alison Zgheib & Bebeangebaby Gabriel - you are our 2 lucky winners! Please email or PM Cuski FB - email address as follows: info(at) with your full postal address details and which Cuski or Cuskiboo you would like, we are out of stock in Berry until February. Thank you all for entering! Big Love

~ Team Cuski

Personalized Cuski Winners!

Happy New Year from all at Team Cuski, may this be a really lucky 2013 for you all! Here are our winners: Samantha Marshall & Jo Dalzell, congratulations! Please email fb(at) with the name you would like on Cuski - pink or blue, and your full postal address.

~ Team Cuski

Great Swandoodles Winners!

Congratulations to Maria Moura & Colleen Van Dyk, you are our lucky winners today! Please email your full postal address to fb(at) with which Swandoodle design you would like.

Thank you all for entering!

~ Team Cuski

FB Winners ♥ Sweet DreameezZ Friday 19th October, 2012

Congratulations Stu Choak & Roisin McGuckin! Please choose which colour star Sweet DreameezZ you would like and email fb(at) with your full postal addresses. Thank you for entering! Have a brilliant week-end, we truly appreciate all our Facebook fans support! More lovely give-aways coming soon.

~ Team Cuski

Facebook Winners ♥ October 3rd, 2012

Finally we have our 4 lucky fabulous winners! Here goes.. Nicole Zois, Rachael Elizabeth, Em Louise Jenkinson & Elizabeth Wragg! Please email fb(at) with your choice of prize and full postal address, from the following Cuski products: Great Swandoodle, Sweet DreameezZ, Cuskiboo or Cuski pillow. If you are not sure, you can see them in the Cuskishop. We hope you love your Cuski prize! Thank you all for entering, more give-aways coming soon.

~ Team Cuski

3 Fabulous Cuski Pillow Winners!

Diane Gibbs, Emily Carpenter & Michelle Olley weel done you guys! Please email your full postal address details to fb(at) asap! We hope you love your Cuski pillows! Thank you to everyone who entered, more give-aways coming soon! Also we will have a super duper offer on our Cuski Sweet DreameezZ later one today.

Have a great week all.

~Team Cuski

Royal Cuski Winners 20th August

Congratulations Sarah Vickery, Lucy Quincey & Kristie Norrish. you are our 3 lucky winners today! Please email fb(at) with your full postal address, and a set of Royal Cuskis we will send! Thank you all for entering, more give aways coming soon, and for those of you who didnt win, we have a fabulous buy one get one free offer on our Royal Cuskis.

~ Team Cuski

Cuski Kids Pillow Winners 10th August, 2012

And here our Fabulous Friday Winners: Rhoda McDonald, Alex Hickman & Eileen Teo! Well done all 3 of you, please email your full postal address to fb(at) and you will soon have a Cuski Kids Pillow for your little ones and a good nights sleep too!
Thank you all for participating, we appreciate your continued support, more give aways coming soon! For those of you who werent lucky enough to win and would love one, we do have a brilliant offer on the Cuski pillows for 48 hours only, £15.25 instead of £40.25, that is a £25 discount ~ Go Go Go!

~ Team Cuski

Sweet DreameezZ & Great Swandoodle Winner Monday 6th August

Congratulations Amy Haywood Francis! You are our lucky winner today! Please email fb(at) with your full postal address details and your lovely prizes will be on their way! Thank you all for entering, Cuski Kids Orthopaedic Pillow give away tomorrow!

~ Team Cuski

Sweet DreameezZ & Cuski-Boo Winner

Congratulations Liz Fearnley! You are our lucky winner today! Please send over your full postal address to and one funky Sweet DreameezZ & Cuski-boo will be winging itheir way to you very soon! Thank you all for entering, do let us know what you would like the next give-away to be via FB.

~ Team Cuski

Great Swandoodle & Sweet DreameezZ Winner!

Congratulations Emma Slater & Carlee Brandom - we have randomly chosen 2 winners! Please email fb(at) with full postal address, and we will send you a beautiful Great Swandoodle & a funky Sweet DreameezZ! Thank you all for entering, more give aways soon.

~ Team Cuski

Fathers Day Sweet DreameezZ Winners

Drum roll... Here are our 5 lucky winners chosen at random from entrants: CB Green, Steve Andrew, Damon Chan, Lee Irving & John David Gallett ! Well done Guys! You will soon be the proud owners of your very own bamboo Man multi-tasking muslin! Please send full postal address either by PM on FB Cuski page or email fb(at) ! Have a fabulous week-end all!

~ Team Cuski

Great Swandoodle & Sweet DreameezZ Winner

Congratulations Sherri Hughes! Please email or PM on FB your full postal address to fb(at) and we will send one gorgeous Great Swandoodle & one clever Sweet DreameezZ to you! Thank you all for participating! More give aways to come soon.

~ Team Cuski

Coochi Coocoose Winner

Congratulations Deidre O Brien ! Please send your full postal address so we can send you the best baby/mummy bathing towel ever! Thank you all for participating, it could be you next time! Have a lovely week-end

~ Team Cuski

Betsy Cows Winner! June 1st

Congratulations Tricia Clark!! Please send your full postal address and these 2 lovely hoppers will be with you next week! Thank you all for entering, have a lovely Jubilee week-end!

~ Team Cuski

Jubilee Winner 30-05-12

Congratulations Claire Bustard, you are our lucky Jubilee winer today! Please send your full postal address to fb(at) and we will send you the Royal Cuskis & Great Swandoodle! Thank you to everyone who took part, we have another give-away on so please make sure you enter!

~ Team Cuski

Cuski Winner Facebook 16th May

Congratulations Josie Jo Jo Harrison! Please email fb(at) with your full address details, and you may choose between a Cuski, Great Swandoodle or a Sweet DreameezZ. Thank you everyone for entering once agin, more to follow!

~ Team Cuski

Sweet DreameezZ Winner Friday 11th May

Congratulations Sarah Armes! You are our lucky winner for the lovely new bamboo Sweet DreameezZ black out muslin By Cuski ♥ Please email your full address details to fb(@) and we will have one gorgeous Sweet DreameezZ sent asap! Thank you all for entering, more give aways coming soon.

~ Team Cuski

Great Swandoodle Winner May 8th

Congratulations Chanelle Thomas Was Parkinson you are our very lucky winner! Please send us your full address details to fb(@) and we will send you the Creme de la creme of all muslins! Thank you all for entering, Sweet DreameezZ give away this afternoon on facebook!

~ Team Cuski

Sweet DreameezZ Winner

Well done Melinda Hudson ! Please email fb(at) with your full address details. Thank you all for entering, more give aways coming soon. The Great Swandoodles & Sweet DreameezZ will be available very soon!

~ Team Cuski

Great Swandoodle Winner

Well done Alexandra Byford ! You are our lucky designer Swandoodle winner! An ultra soft bamboo muslin, made for mummy & baby, can be used as a light cover, beach throw, sarong, baby swaddle, cot blanket, pram shade, nursing cover and the list is endless! Please send your full address details to fb(at) Thank you all for entering, we will be doing Sweet DreameezZ black bamboo muslin shade next!

~ Team Cuski

Creative Cuski Poem Winners

Well, we had some fabulous entries, and have just about managed to narrow it down! So here goes: Stefan Seymour, Rachel Notman, & Trish Hare are the 3 winners for Royal Cuskis, well done! And we have 3 runners up for a Cuski Book (Mama Cuski insisted!) Paula Hopkinson, Tasha Roberts & Lynsey Bowes! Please email fb(at) with full address details. Thank you to everyone who entered, you were all wonderful, have a great week-end.

~ Team Cuski

9 FB Winners - Reach 9000 Buddies!

Winners are : Bryony Sadler, Vivian Clarkson, Rebecca Bauarschi, Janice Milliken, Hannah Staveley, Jason Parkin, Kat Pardoe, Candice Wall & Kerry Simmers!
Congratulations to all 9 of you! We will be sending you some Cuski love very soon! Thank you for entering, please send your full address details to fb(@) Next big give away at 10,000 - we will be giving away 10 Cuskis! Not far to go!

~ Team Cuski

FB Wonderful Winner 2nd April

Congratulations to Leanne Barei ! You are our randomly chosen winner today, thank you for participating. Please email fb(at) with your full address details and we will send you a lovely Cuski!

~ Team Cuski

FB Wonderful Winner 28th March

Congratulations Penny Berry Was Birt- you are our lucky winner today ♥ Please email fb(at) with your full address details and we will send you one of our magical gorgeous Cuskis! Thank you all for entering, more give aways coming soon! Have you entered our Easter Egg Hunt?

~ Team Cuski

Lucky Winner 300 ♥ Facebook March 19th, 2012

Congratulations Denisse Hernandez - you are our lucky winner today ♥ Please email fb(at) with your full address details and we will send you one of our magical gorgeous Cuskis! Thank you all for entering, more give aways coming soon!

~ Team Cuski

Share the Cuski ♥ Winner

Congratulations Rachel Sollis - you are our lucky winner today ♥ Please email fb(at) with your full address details and we will send you one of our magical gorgeous Cuskis! Thank you all for entering, more give aways coming soon!

~ Team Cuski

Berry Lucky Cuski Winner ♥

Todays winner is Elizabeth Holland ♥ Well done, please email your address details to fb(at) and one beautiful Berry Cuski will be winging her way to you!

~ Team Cuski

FB Winner 22/2

Congratulations Jo Walmsley, you have been randomly selected and you are our lucky winner for today! Please email fb(at) with your full address details and we will send you the Royal Cuski Flush! Thank you to everyone who participated, it could be you next time!

~ Team Cuski ♥

Friday Reddy Cuski Valentines Winners

Congratulations Gemma Williams & Amy-Lucy Astell ♥ Please email your delivery addresses to fb(at) We had a really hard time choosing from all the brilliant entries, well done everyone and thank you for taking part! Have a lovely week-end

~ Team Cuski

Miss Piggy Thursday Winner!

Well done Fee Lynne Edwards ! You are todays winner, please email fb(at) with your address details and we will send you a lovely Cuski! Thank you all for entering, lots more to come :)

~ Team Cuski

Reach 8000 ♥ on our Facebook page!

So... here are the lucky winners, for today! Bekki Bennett, Sam Gibson, Oceane Delrue, Kirsty Evo Evans, Jen Keller, Deana Elvins, Kirsten Janney & Kirstie Bain. Please email fb(at) with your full postal address, and which Royal Cuski you would prefer, Prince or Princess Cuski! Well done and thank you for being a member of Cuski! To everyone who joined in, thank you and we will be having more give aways soon, so next time it could be you!!
~ Team Cuski ♥

FB Post Winner ♥ 11.01.12

Congratulations Amy Cunliffe ♥ Please email fb(at) with your full address details so we can send you a gorgeous Cuski - Well done! Thank you all for entering the give away! More coming soon, share the Cuski love..

~ Team Cuski

FB 350 like Winner ♥

Congratulations Rebecca Patch ♥ Please email fb(at) with your full address details so we can send you the Royal Cuski Couple!! Well done! Thank you all for entering the give away!

~ Team Cuski

Animal Clicker Winner 07/12

Congratulations Natalie M Willows! You are our lucky winner today! Please email your full address details to Fb(at) so we can send your prize asap. Thank you all for entering, more give aways to come.

~ Team Cuski

FB 300 like Winner ♥

Congratulations Michelle Usher-Benwell ! Please email Fb(at) with your full address details and Minty Cuski will be winging its way to you! Well done everyone, more give aways this afternoon!

~ Team Cuski

Lucky winner FB 6000

Congratulations Cara Strachan! Please email fb(at) with your full address details and which 2 Cuskis you would like sending! Thank you all for taking part!

~ Team Cuski

Facebook Winner ♥ 1st December, 2011

Ho! Ho! Ho! Our lucky winner today is Franki Hall! Please email fb(at) with your full address details so we can send you a gorgeous BERRY CUSKI!!! Well done everybody! Join in again tomorrow for more Christmas give aways!
~ Team Cuski

300 Facebook post winner - 30th November 2011

Congratulations Helen E Harris ! You are our lucky 300 winner!! Please email fb(at) with your full address details so we can send you a famous Reddy Cuski! Thank you all for joining in! More tomorrow!
~ Team Cuski

Delightful Books By From You To Me

Award-winning gift journal publisher from you to me have launched the first product in their Mother & Baby range.
Following the success of their Journals of a Lifetime which have sold over 500,000 copies and earned them the Gift Associations Product of the Year Award in 2008, from you to me have extended their range to meet the needs of new mothers and mothers-to-be.

All our products celebrate the family and pass on valuable memories and experiences. Having a baby is a huge experience and new mums or mums-to-be need all the comfort and inspiration they can get!, says Helen Stephens, author of Mum to Mum – Pass it on, the first title in the Mother & Baby range created by from you to me.

This delightful book contains over 160 practical tips, inspirations and little nuggets of wisdom to warm the heart and strengthen resolve. Readers are treated to a tip per page, making the book easy to dip into when a little guiding light is needed. From time-and money-saving tips and gentle ways of steering your child towards good eating habits, to coping with the mountain of advice available. All created to make the transition to motherhood smooth and stress free.

from you to mes product range is made up of beautifully designed hard-back journals for every loved-one, for those with special interests, and for many memorable occasions, across 6 countries, and available in nine additional languages. They are available at gift shops and . Fromyoutome

Lucky winner FB 5500

Congratulations to Angeline Sands, you have just been randomly chosen as our Cuski winner! Please call 01829 771 825 or email fb(at) with which 2 Cuskis you would like and your address details please.
Well done everybody , more give aways coming soon, keep checking back!

~ Team Cuski

Facebook Winner ♥ October 24th, 2011

Congratulations Fran Shepherd, you are our *reach 3750 buddy winner*! Please email with your address details. Thank you all for taking part, and great to have you all on board Team Cuski! We will be announcing another give away shortly where you will all be able to win a Cuski. Have a great week and keep sharing the Cuski ♥

Team Cuski

Magic Minty Winner

We love all of your songs! Our winner today chosen randomly is Laura Bullivant ~ Maggie May By Rod Stewart, we are never too young for a bit of Rod! Well done Laura ! Please email your delivery details to and a lovely Minty Cuski will be winging its way to you very soon! More competitions soon. Thank you all for posting!

~ Team Cuski

Royal Cuski Flush Winner ♥

Well done Pippa Saunders, please email your details to and the gorgeous Royal Cuskis will be winging their way to you! Thank you all for entering this give away, we have more competitions, on our Facebook page so remember next time it could be YOU !

~ Team Cuski

Winner Cuski Mama Balm ♥

Well done Linda Jefferson - please email with your address details, and one gorgeous jar of rejuvenating Cuski Mama Balm will be sent out today! Enjoy, and do let us know what you think.

Thank you everyone for joining in, we will be having lots more give aways, so make Cuski your favourite!
~ Team Cuski

Smarta Comments Winner

Well we had a whopping 1301 comments in the Smarta awards, which was truly sensational (the most out of 100 Smart companies!), while some brought a tear to the eye, some made us roll around laughing, we decided to reward, what we think at Cuski HQ, is the best one! Drum roll... and hands together for Emma Hager, Congratulations! Please drop us an email to with which Cuskis you would like sending, and delivery address. We have 2 more winners, as they have been exceptional, in keeping the Team very jolly, in what was an extremely busy week! Ness Gordon & Sarah Charles who we feel deserve a Cuski of choice each! So all 3 of you, very well done!
~ Team Cuski

Looking for a babysitter, nanny or register childminder? is the UKs biggest childcare search website with over 300,000 members. Parents can search for local childcare using their postcode and can create a free advert advertising their specific childcare requirements. The website uses its own secure, private messaging system for members to contact each other and holds thousands of reviews of childcare providers written by other parents.

Over 10,000,000 conversations have taken place via site between parents and childcare providers and they are also a fellow Smarta 100 Award winner. So, if you need to find childcare then head over to

♥ Extra Special Prize Winner £50 ♥

Congratulations! We reached 2000 buddies on facebook on Sunday and our randomly chosen LUCKY winner is: VICTORIA NICHOLLS ♥ Well Done Victoria Please email your details to and we will tell you how to redeem the £50 prize! ~ Team Cuski ♥

Facebook Winner ♥ August 17th, 2011

Thank you all for entering, the letter G brought GORGEOUS comments! Our randomly chosen lucky Cuski winner is... Tineke Snow, so please email your delivery details to and congratulations! Dont forget to tell your friends about our facebook page and great Cuski give aways! ~ Team Cuski ♥

Facebook Give Away Friday 12th August, 2011

Congratulations EVA HUNT, you have won our Letter P Give Away! Please email your details to so we can send you a lovely Cuski to cherish!

Thank you all for entering, we LOVE reading your comments, and dont forget it could well be you next time Team Cuski

Facebook Give Away Monday 8th August, 2011

Congratulations Pamela Ní Dhonacha, for you are our Cuski Letter give away lucky winner today ♥ Email your details to so we can send you your Cuski prize! Thank you all for entering, more give aways during week, next time it could be YOU! ~ Team Cuski

Cuski bags International Best Trader Finalist in the Mumpreneur UK awards

We are delighted to be shortlisted down to finalist in these fab awards for over seas trading. Award winning ceremony in September, fingers crossed!

Facebook Winner 4th August, 2011

Thank you all for entering our Letter Give Away today! We loved reading all about what the letter C means to you! The lucky winner for today is ABS COLE - Congratulations Abs! We hope you love your Cuski! Please email your details to so we can send lovely Cuski on his way to you! ~Team Cuski

FB Winners Wednesday 3rd August, 2011

And the lucky winners are: Naomi Waite Wilkinson & Amy Fox, thank you for liking sharing and being part of the Cuski give away! We need your details, so please email your delivery addresses and choice of Cuski (Prince or Princess Cuski) and Cuski will be winging its way to you! Thank you and next give away at 2000 likes dont forget! ~Team Cuski

Celebrity status!

Cuski was featured in The Shortlist Magazine recently in a super article by Danny Wallace (author, comedian & film writer). His son has 5 Cuskis but he really only thought he had one! The story is about how his little one found out one day that there were in fact 4 more clones of his beloved Cuski!

And! The lovely very funny Joan Rivers, was filmed holding our very own Berry Cuski on set, caption was " These are the coolest toys on the planet!" So you see... Cuski is all over the place lately, with a little bird telling us lots more to come!

News ♥ News ♥ News ♥

Baby Brands Direct is delighted to be working in close partnership with Cuski to be their exclusive wholesale distributor in the UK. A spokesperson for the company said "This much loved premium brand is a great fit with our other exclusive brands and we look forward to offering this unique product to our valued customer base of independent baby and nursery retailers".

New distributor

We are looking for a new distributor in India, please contact the team on the trade enquiries link should you be interested
Team Cuski

Cuskiboo & NHS Protocol Approved!

Cuskiboo bamboo baby comforter is now the only comforter approved by the National Health Service in the UK with its very own protocol. Read more about Cuskiboo
We are delighted by this news and very proud of Cuskiboo!

Love from the Wendy House

Great reviews from Top British Mummy Blogger - Inside The Wendy House
Wendy is a mum of five and has a good insight of most on the shelf products, which is really helpful, when you are not quite sure to try- or not to try!
Thanks Wendy!

Cuskiboo helping mums and babies on the neonatal wards

Cuskiboo is proving a big hit on neo-natal and SCBU wards in Barking, Havering & Redbridge Hospitals. She is helping babies & mums start the bonding process. When mum cant be close at this very important time, Cuskiboo is spending time with mum and then spending time with baby in the incubator. So mum can smell baby and baby can smell mummy! Starting that special bond that is so precious in the early days.

Cuskiboo - By Tabby aged 7

Sweet and cuet childrun love him a lovely culer aswell. he is so soft and hugabull. you could hug him all day. It goes well with my cuski pillo. sleepy sleepy! zzzzzzzzzzzzzz! a lovely banboo toy is just what you need.

Thank you and well done Tabby! We love your story!
Cuski Team xxx

New Cuski Products Coming Soon!

Please keep checking the Cuski website, for the new natural Cuski Mama Skincare range, an exciting new Cuski toy, and a brand new Cuski colour!

Scottish Baby Show 2010

We have just returned from a brilliant Scottish Baby Show in Glasgow. Thank you to all the people who came and visited the Cuski stand we were delighted to meet you! We look forward to seeing you all next year with more innovative Cuski products..

Exclusive Facebook Offers

To all of our Cuski Fans on Facebook, we have an exclusive offer for you until Christmas! All you have to do is log in on the Cuski home page bottom left hand corner go to FB and it will tell you what to do and how you can obtain your exclusive code. If you are not a Cuski Fan on Facebook then its time you were! So just log in too and become a Cuski Fan! Cuski Team X

The Baby Show 2009

Thank you to all the lovely people who came to see us at The Baby Show in London last week-end! We had a brilliant show, and lost our voices at the end of day 3, through telling everybody about Cuski! The Cuski balloons were a hit, so we have decided to include free balloons with every purchase made until Christmas, for all those Cuski Kids!

Soothing Baby Eczema

For babies and toddlers with eczema, natural health practitioner Steve Mason of the Wellington Centre, Hastings, suggests putting two or three camomile teabags in the bath water nightly to soothe itchy skin...

Cuski Babies On Flickr

We thought you might like to see all these lovely pictures of babies with their beloved Cuskis. Some Cuskis have even been dressed up! And one clever mummy even made a Cuski cake!

New Cuski Organics Coming Soon

We are due to launch our famous Cuskis in 100% certified organic cotton. These will be in Sunny (a bright new Yellow) Pinkee & Blue-ee. Available end of September.

Cuski is semi finalist in HSBC awards

We are delighted and proud to announce we have been shortlisted to semi-finalist in the HSBC Star awards 2009 for the international catergory. Finals are in September, we cant wait! Well done Cuski Team!

Great New Site ! has been created by a group of parents from the ‘gadget generation’ who’s Sunday brunches had turned into a competition to see who’d found the best new baby thing that week.
On the site we only feature products we love and don’t sell anything but do provide links so you can purchase the items we’ve showcased and see why we like them so much!
Also, if you know of any great baby things that are not featured on the website then send us an email and tell us all about them. We hope you find this site useful - the Great Baby Things team.

New website gives yummy mummies a career boost!

To return to work or stay at home? has just gone live. A website packed full of useful information geared towards mums struggling to find a perfect work life balance.

Laura Osborne, faced with the same challenges most mums have on whether to return to work, or to stay at home, after the birth of her first baby was struggling to find a way forward that would ease the dilemma. Her unique site gives mums the chance to look at some of the options out there providing opportunities for mums to re-gain their self-esteem, follow their dreams and start working again. provides on line courses for personal development, training and advice, with home based opportunities to enable mums to start their own business or develop their hobbies into a part-time job that they can fit around their family commitments.
Due to the downturn in the economy, an increasing number of mums are deciding that working from home is the most viable option and provides a complete on-line support network to help them get started. In addition, there’s a chance for some on-line retail therapy, with a platform for mums to sell or swap.
Lauras definition of a Yummy Mummy: ‘I believe that all mothers that care about life and family values, are fabulous in every possible sense and my aim in creating this site is to encourage women to gain their self worth, be inspired, find their identity and to make sure they feel special. Having your own business or being able to contribute financially is about self worth, success, recognition and personal development and STILL being an awesome mum. It\'s about shedding the guilt and realising that you have a life too...’

So whether you are thinking about starting a home based businesses, advertising or telemarketing, has the answer!
Contact information: 0845 217 9981

Breast Feeding Still the Better Option

New report shows benefits of breast feeding compared to risks
New studies have shown that, despite concerns over toxins found in breast milk, breast feeding is still the best option.
The initial concerns arose over the issue of toxic chemicals in the environment finding their way into the food chain, and therefore ending up in breast milk. One of the toxins is PVC, which is present in many plastic items such as food packaging and toys. When the plastic is no longer needed, it\'s thrown away and often ends up in incinerators. The PVC undergoes chemical transformation, and highly toxic chemicals called dioxins are released into the atmosphere. The dioxins attach themselves to water particles which in turn end up in the foodchain.
The dioxins are mostly found in food with a high fat content such as meat and dairy products, and the higher up the food chain you are, the higher the level of dioxins you are exposed to, which leaves humans pretty much at the top of the list.
This is why there is so much concern over toxins being present in breast milk, being passed on to babies. These concerns are still valid, but the new studies highlight the fact that breast feeding is far superior in terms of benefits for your baby i.e. the benefits outweigh the risks.

Researchers reviewed data from three studies, among them a Dutch study of 418 infants and mothers, half of whom breast-fed and half of whom used formula; a smaller Dutch study of 38 mothers that assessed the impact of different levels of dioxin exposure; and a German study of 232 mothers and babies who had been exposed to dioxin before birth.
The studies noted minor differences among the exposed babies, such as higher levels of thyroid hormones and lower blood platelet counts, compared to infants who were not exposed to dioxins. But the researchers said these differences did not appear to have any impact on the children’s health and development, and they emphasized that the measures were not abnormal.
In addition, babies who were breast-fed scored much higher on mental development tests. The report shows that breast milk is the better option- (if only for building the child\'s immune system and intelligence) especially when you consider that formula milk has it\'s own issues in terms of dioxin levels. Whether passed to the baby through tap water used to create the milk, or simply the fact that formula milk is based on cow\'s milk, the risks are still present in formula milk too.

The point is that breast milk has far more benefits than risks- so, if you can, stick to feeding your baby this way.

Congratulations Totslots!

Well done to Shaun at Totslots for winning our small retailer of the year 2008! £500 is winging its way to you at this very moment!

Cuski is website of the week!

Cuskiboo had a great feature in Health Notes By Sarah Stacey in the You Magazine Mail on Sunday.
It seems all the editors love our products!

Cuski Helps With Colic Too...

Before my 1st baby, Poppy, was born I went to a baby show in London and bought a baby comforter called Cuski. At the time didnt think too much of it really, it got washed and put in my hospital bag. Where it stayed for ages... Waiting for -Beanie- to be born.

Once Poppy was born she was given Cuski and seemed to like it. Pops was about 3 weeks old when the colic kicked in. She would cry from about 7.30pm until 1am... It was awful. This is when I really began to understand the value of a Cuski. My scent clung to it and this comforted Poppy. This meant that someone other than me could hold her...

Anyway, Poppy is now 2 1/2 and still loves her Cuski. Her 10 month old Sister, Daisy went through the same colic problems and Cuski helped her too.
Cuski (of varying colours) go with us EVERYWHERE... Red is Poppys House and Bed Cuski, Pink is Daisy Babys House and Bed Cuski, Cream is Pre-School Cuski, and the Mint Green ones are Car and out and about!

Both girls are comforted by their Cuskis, if they grizzle in the night I just pop into their room and put their arms around Cuski and leave them be, Cuski settles them right back to sleep...

Amy, a Cuski Loving Mama & girls X - What a good Idea!

Having a baby is one of the most exciting journeys but can be very expensive. With bottles to booties, car seats to nappies, everything soon adds up.
Rentabuggy has been designed to free up your cashflow by allowing you to rent the best of pushchairs monthly.

Rentabuggy is split into two categories:-
• Monthly rentals of pushchairs for people who cannot afford to buy
• Holiday Rentals for the Dorset/Hampshire area (new areas being added soon!)

Maybe you are also looking to buy a pushchair but not sure which one would be right for you? Then why not try some of our top selling pushchairs for a trial period to help you decide.

Have you noticed that when you are going on holiday you struggle to get all the kids clothing in suitcases along with all the toys that they want to bring and yet there is never enough space for the pushchair! You seem to spend hours trying to make it fit but instead if you are coming on holiday to Dorset/Hampshire then why not hire a pushchair? For a small daily charge (or weekly) we can deliver your choice of pushchair to where you are staying, ready for your arrival! You dont even have to worry about it being sent back as we pick it up too!

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Cuski Kids Pillow Scoops Gold Award at Practical Pre-School Awards 2008

Announcement of the 2008 Practical Pre-School Awards Childcare Category Winners
After many months of testing and analysing of results, the highly awaited 2008 Practical Pre-School Awards was announced to the book, toy and child care industry on Friday 12 September.

Cuski Kids Pillow Wins GOLD

Cuski At The HongKong Baby Expo!

Our lovely distributor, Ophelia Soo, from SmartLittleOne based in Hong Kong, has been very busy indeed at the annual largest Baby Expo in HK this August 08. Here are some great pictures for you to see!

As featured in the Sunday Mail You Magazine

Good night, Sleep right
A reader signing herself *happy mummy!* reports that her four year old son, who was restless at nights, now slumbers on a Cuski Kids Orthopaedic Pillow at the suggestion of their GP, and the difference is phenomenal. *Now he stays in the same position all night and wakes up bright and happy. I’m so impressed with it I can’t stop telling everyone.* If your child has similar sleep problems, do check with your GP first. £35, tel: 01829 771825,
Health Notes with Sarah Stacey - Mail On Sunday

Very Important Announcement - Please be aware !

It has been brought to our attention that a certain Kathie Holmes from Australia has set up a website in Australia called C.U.S.K.I. – Please be informed that this website going by the domain name This has nothing at all to do with Cuski®,,,,,,, Cuski International Limted, or Cuski Kids Limited in anyway shape or form. Our legal department are dealing with this matter and in the mean time do not be mislead into thinking that this company is associated with Cuski®.

If you have any queries or concerns regarding this matter, and if in particular you discover that the website going by the domain name is selling comforters, or indeed any products that we currently sell, even unbranded or under brands other than our Cuski® brand, please contact us at -

Quote from La Leche League International

A well known breast feeding council that has supported breast feeding for many years.

Subject: baby scent and increased lactation
I am pumping my milk to feed my baby, but my supply is going down. What can I do?

Engage as many senses as possible. Look at a picture of your baby. Inhale your babys scent from a recently worn article of clothing. Listen to a tape recording of your babys voice. These should help your milk flow more easily.

Revolutionary Cuskiboo!

Cuskiboo has arrived ! - She is made entirely from a special environmentally friendly bamboo yarn that the Cuski Team lovingly found on their travels. Ultra absorbent (like the original Cuski), antibacterial, eco-friendly, bio-degradable, beautifully soft and naturally loveable... plus the most amazing find midwives discovered during tests with new born babies, was because of the extra absorbency Cuskiboo holds, and in those early days when mummy/baby scents are so crucial- she not only carries mummy’s scents to baby but carries baby’s scent to mummy, so this is ultimately beneficial for mummy/baby bonding and also helps to bring on mummy’s milk flow, thus helping to make breast feeding easier.
Cuskiboo is a truly amazing comforter and it is always best to have 2 during the early days especially if planning to breast feed, one with baby one with mummy and keep swapping...