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Satisfied Customers

Obviously, we all love Cuski, but what do our customers think?

9 years later!

My niece Erin was given a cuski when she was born, and still has it, and loves it to bits, 9 years later! I ordered the Prince and Princess cuskis as a surprise for her. Im just writing to say thank you so much for your excellent service - they arrived in super quick time - and so beautifully packaged - Erin loved the cuski balloons nearly as much as the cuskis themselves!!!

Thank you once again!

Best wishes, Sharon



I LOVE and swear by dummies - Ive used them for all three of my children but BOY I equally love being rid of them! My youngest is just on 12 weeks and its out with the dummy and in with the Cuski. She is back to sleeping 11-12 hours (instead of waking almost every hour wanting her dummy) and her day sleeps are fantastic (3 x 2-3 hours). Dreamy :)

Katrina Ferguson



I was so sceptical that Cuskis were anything special but my youngest is so attached to his now and didnt take to any other comforter. He wouldnt take a dummy but the Cuski has completely replaced the need for it. His Cuski helps make him really portable too, with it he will sleep anywhere - at friends, the pushchair, preschool on parent help days (I keep one in the car)!. He insists on sleeping with it over face which is pretty cute.

Deana Elvins



My boy loves his cuskis, we introduced one when we started the VR technique and took away his dummy at that point! Worked a treat! We keep it for sleep times only, and as soon as he sees it he knows its time to go to sleep! He sometimes trys to get it from his cot when he is ready for a nap!!

Definatly a great investment :)

Lisa Earwaker NZ


Bluey Cuski

I got my now 11 month old son his Cuski(s) when he was 4 months old because I wanted him to learn to self-settle and it was been his constant sleep companion since then. We take his Cuski, which we named Bluey, everywhere that he\'ll be having a nap/sleep such as in the car (this photo was taken last month when we went on holiday) and when he having a sleep away from home. His

Cuski makes him feel secure and gives him a sense of familiarity when he is sleeping in an unfamiliar environment. We have washed it several times and it seems to be getting softer with each wash! :-)

Sharifa Noraini NZ


Cushoo the Cuski

I am writing to say thank you so much for inventing the Cuski. Most recently we purchased a duo set for a friend whos baby arrived early and was in intensive care for many weeks. His cuski was introduced to him after a few days and he really reacted well to it, even holding onto it. The head midwife in the neonatal ward was so impressed that she came to speak to the parents to find out more about cuski as the staff were all very impressed with its design and the positive affect it seemed to be having. My 2 year old son has had his minty cuski since four months - he has three on rotation in the house and one each at his grandparents.He treats his Cushoo (as he calls it) like his best friend. He cannot settle at night without his wee buddy and when he made the transition to nursery it gave him the comfort he needed and helped him settle in quickly.

His cuski is one of the best things we have ever bought him and it will be with him for many years to come. A huge thank you for making such a marvellous comforter. Kind Regards,



Hold on handles review.

Ive always been fond of walking with my children but have found that reigns and the like tend make the whole experience feel very demeaning. I mean, your walking with your child, not walking them. This is where hold on handles come into their own. Its more of a bonding experience and definitely a lesson in trust.
Upon receiving these, I must say Im pleasantly surprised. The overall build quality is top notch, with a large clip which would pose no problem fitting around any push chair or trolley. As well as sturdy handle made from webbing for you to hold. The bright colours are appealing without being garish, and the art work on the handles themselves are both well stylised and of rugged quality, as is the whole product.
The thing that makes this product different to other child *restraint* systems is that there is no restraint. Its more of an extension to your hand. Im sure Im not the only person whose arm aches from having it stretched whilst holding the little ones hand, and I’m sure it must be uncomfortable for them over time. This product allows you to build up the *trust* and *understanding* with the child. That staying close to mummy and daddy is a good thing and a safe thing without forcing it. Its giving the a choice and a chance for them to choose not run off. Although this in itself is something that doesn’t come overnight. Ive had this for 2 weeks now, and for the first week I only had it attached to the pushchair, and let my youngest boy hold it when he wanted, without prompting. Although giving praise when he did. In the second week, I lead a much more structured approach. Asking him to hold on to the large plastic handle whilst I held onto the other side, this seemed to work, as my hand was close enough to his for him to feel comfortable that I was there. I found gradually giving more distance between me and him over the subsequent days made it easier for me to make him feel confident, but still with an element of security. Although there have been teething problems, namely the childrens rides in shopping centres, its been a successful deployment of the hold on handles. I would definitely recommend them to anyone, who is willing to put time and effort into it. Its a much nicer experience walking in this manner. Hopefully this small review will help those who are interested to make a decision, based on my experiences.

Many thanks cuski team, another great product in the bag!

D Ford, Berkshire


Cuski is 9 years old...

Good afternoon Cuski Team I purchase a Cuski when I was pregnant back in 2001, after seeing a magazine advert, for my soon to arrive baby. A few years later I sent a photo of our daughter Philippa still adoring her Cuski at 3 years (though he was known as Cooki back then). I thought that you would appreciate seeing that he is still adored and apparently will be for many more years according to Philippa who is now 9 years old!!! Sadly he is wearing very thin but loved no less...

Thank you Cuski for much comfort for our daughter, PS She still reads the "I want my Cuski book" to her little sister Maddie

Deborah Tasker


Wonderful Cuski Mama

I got hold of a pot of Cuski Mama Balm at the baby show in Olympia a few weeks ago and I have not looked back. I was a true Body Shop Body Butter Fan as I found this the least greasy moisturiser I could find. HOWEVER, I am now totally converted!!!! This fab smelling balm is so smooth and not at all greasy I love it!!! I try and get my hubby to massage me every night (I wish ) In the time I have had this and the times he has, his \'sandpaper\' like plumbers hands are now a lot softer. He has tried so many different things to try and help his hands, this seems to be working!!! It has left my skin feeling so soft and moisturised too.

A MUST have for all women, and men, and children and babies!!!! Another WONDERFUL Cuski product!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Amy & Ian Francis, Slough


Cuski Mama Balm

Hi My friend recently exhibited at the baby Show in Olympia and brought me back a jar of your Cuski Mama Avocado Balm. I just had to let you know, I had quite a serious burn on my arm (cooking accident) I put some of this cream on and the angry redness subsided within hours, I have experienced no itching which usually happens and the new skin is lovely and smooth with no scarring. For me it is now one pot for all, which is great and minimilistic. I use it all over my body including my face, neck, eyes and even removing my makeup.

I have noticed wrinkles, old scars and pigmentation are greatly reduced, this jar goes everywhere with me, including the gym, I am now ordering my second pot of this amazing cream.

Glowing Jeez, Fairford


Cuski Mama Balm

A true multi-tasker. I tried it as a make-up remover, applying all over the face and then removing with a warm wet muslin cloth and it whisked away my waterproof mascara. It left my normally dry skin really supple. Because its so natural and mild-smelling I use as a moisturiser on my children (3 and 7) too

Victoria Woodhall


Cuski Mama Balm

As a busy mum I am guilty of neglecting my skin but the gorgeous smell of Cuski Mamas Organic Avocado Balm was enough to entice me to use it and the results have made me a fan! My skin is soft, smooth and noticeably glows; I am really impressed and have been telling all my friends-

Well done Cuski Mama!

Sharon Ward, Teddy & Me


Cuski helps daddy too..

My daughter loves her cuski and has had one or more (!) since she was born (now 6). Well, because we had lost a couple over the time, we then invested in more and ended up with a surplus. One day when a male friend was visiting who was going through an unhappy separation he was talking about how much he missed his youngest daughter who was around 2 years old, and how she was finding their separation difficult. And Cuski just popped into my head. I dug out our spare one, instructed him all about sleeping with it first and then to give it to his daughter so that daddy would always be with her. I cannot tell you the gratitude in that mans face, that the Cuski gave him a chance to always be with his daughter even if he couldnt in body. He rang me elated a few days later and said how she just loved it and had taken to the smell of it (her daddy) at once. And she still has it today, a year on.

So thank you Cuski for allowing a daddy to cuddle his baby even when he is not able to always be with her. xx

Alexandra-Jane Nevatt, Brighton


Bubby Cuski

We purhased our cuski almost nine years ago....she is still with us after many mishaps and our daughter Morghan sleeps with her *Bubby* (cuski) every night. I dont know what it is about *bubby* but Morghan does not settle without it. as soon as she holds bubby her mouth suckles and off to sleep she goes. As you can see from the photos she has been to hospital many times over the years but is still very much loved.

We moved to NZ 6 years ago and Bubby has been misplaced many times in different advise to anyone not sure what to buy an expectant family is a cuski...we adore ours. Lastly, put you contact details on as this dear gift CANNOT be lost....or replaced.... THANK YOU CUSKI TEAM what a great treasure our daughter will always have xx

Martin & Heather NZ


Cuski Chi Chi..

Dear Cuski, Id just like to Thank you for the wonderful invention that is Cuski! In our house my son has come to call cuski Chi Chi he is a much loved friend, booboo fixer, bedtime comforter and play mate! Harley ,my son, hates to go any where without him, but if he has too he puts chi chi to bed and makes sure hes comfy. When Chi Chi is in the washing machine (which is so brilliant and practical from a mums point of view) Harley misses him and will keep checking the machine to see if Chi Chi is clean yet! Im even allowed cuddles with Chi Chi when Im not feeling well as Harley knows Chi Chi helps make everything better!

Even when Harley has outgrown Chi Chi I will be keeping him for my memory box as I couldnt bare to get rid of him! Thankyou for such a wonderful product keep up the good work!

Lizz Parris-Bryant


Best Friend Cuski

Hello, After 3years and 10months I thought it was about time I contacted you to let you know what a fantastic friend Cuski has been to our daughter. She has called him aaarhhh (pronounced are) and he goes absolutely everywhere. We have 3 of them, 1 with her, 1 hidden in the car and 1 hidden at home. The only problem is that the design labels are slightly different and since she thinks there is only 1 aaarhhh she does get a little confused by his occasional change of outfit !!!!!!!! We also bought her the pillow which she has had since she was 2, again she is very particular with this pillow, it must have the minty green pillow case on and yes it too goes everywhere on our travels with us, if it involves a sleep over. She sleeps so much better with it than if we try her on a \'normal\' one. Just wonderering if you have considered producing a pillow slightly wider to fit accross a single bed a bit better as quite a few times my daughter has fallen off her pillow as she likes to move around a lot, just a thought. Cuski has proved a real comfort in some very difficult times, mainly following my car accident when I was in hospital for over a week. Up to this point my daughter and I had never been apart for longer than a couple of hours so she was extemely distressed by it all. Aaarhhh visited me in hospital and helped my husband comfort our daughter at nights. Aaarhhh really is a big boy now as he goes to nursery school with my daughter everyday. Her teacher laughed and told me how the extra responsibility of knowing his whereabouts at all times was more stressfull than looking after the children, she rested a bit easier knowing I had a couple of backups. Anyway, enough of this waffling. Thankyou for producing such wonderful products. I have included a picture of my daughter with her best friend Aaarhhh. Hope it comes through ok.

I would also like to say thankyou for being so helpful when I have spoken to you over the telephone. If only all companies had such good customer service skills! Kind regards

Hannah Stephenson- Derbyshire


No Sleepless Nights

My 3 year old son has not ever complained of a sleepless or restless night since he has had his Cuski pillow at 1 years of age. He is always comfortable and I know he is lying properly - not twisting his neck or back. They are really comfortable. The only thing that stops this pillow getting 5 stars are the pillow cases and the lack of colour or material choice. My son would prefer a 100% cotton cover choice in blue, he says *Why cant his pillow cover be smooth and soft like ours?*

New Cuski slips are in the pipe line for you - Cuski Team X

Tania, West Sussex


Cuski Pillow

I know that your pillows are made for children, but I am a small-framed adult who has neck problems. I have had such a hard time finding a good pillow that works for me because they are all made for the average- to large-framed adult. I went out on a limb and ordered one of your childrens pillows and the larger side fits perfectly! While it is smaller than a regular adult pillow, I will deal with it gladly to have a pillow that fits my neck!

Jenni Stechmann


Cook The Cuski!

I just wanted to say, that my three & a half year old isnt into soft toys, but Cook as Cuski has become known is the one, if she is low or tired it\'s Cook she needs. I have two as they get chewed, sucked etc, so always have a spare. I am expecting baby any day now so am thrilled that different colours have been introduced and shall be ordering them shortly!

Carol Exall


Cuski Pillow

My 4 year old twin boys have been using their Cuski pillows since they moved from their cribs to the “big boy beds” and they love them. And I feel good that their heads are not buried all night in a big pillow full of dust and allergens.

Thank you

Wendi, USA


Soosi Gaga Cuski!

My little boy is now 5 and he still loves his cuski, who is now known as "soosi gaga". "Soosi" has been with us from day one and is known by all the family, she is looking a little rough around the edges these days but still loved just as much. We love her so much that i am just about to buy my friend a cuski for her new baby.

Thanks for the best gift my son has ever had.



Cuski baby

Our daughter has had a Cuski since she was 4mths old, she has to have her "baby" in bed with her at all times, usually clutched to her face as she falls asleep. I have recommended Cuski to several of my friends as I have been amazed how helpful it was in helping her to sleep well. Her photo was used by our local Primary Care Trust (Doncaster) in a recent campaign to raise awareness of avoiding cot death, and I thought you would like to know that "baby" also just made it into the photo!

Laura Powell



Fantastic creation. My daughters first word was cuski. She is now 6 and still adores her cuskis.

Andrew Dolan


My son Luke has had his Cuski for 3 years. He rubs the thinnest end and has now worn through so he can poke his finger inside for added comfort. I left it with his Grandmother last week by mistake and I had to drive 20 miles to pick it up, he would not sleep.

Thanks for a fantastic product. I am replacing it with a new one today.



Dear Cuski...

I bought a reddy cuski for my niece Lola - I had been looking for an appropriate gift for a preemie and saw some great reviews about cuskies on childcare websites. Lola has been a bit of grizzly baby and I read that they really help with sleeping and are soft and lightweight enough to be given to very small babies.

At first my sister was a bit sceptical and my brother in law thinks it is weird looking but they were amazed that Lola took to it straight away and slept so well with it, my sister has had a bit more peace since the cuski came which is great: Lola is her second child and looking after both kids has been really tiring her out. She says they are all getting more sleep which can only be a good thing!

I am so delighted to have found such a useful gift, my only regret is that I didnt buy two cuskies in the first instance so little Lola doesnt have to wait for it to come out of the wash. I have ordered another reddy and will definitely get one for other friends babies too.

Best regards Julia (aka Tita Jules)


Fantastic Pillow!

My 4 yr old started with a normal pillow and would toss and turn all night, often falling out of bed, but since using your fantastic pillow he sleeps peacefully through the night waking refreshed. My 2 yr old has just been given his pillow and immediately he has stopped his restless movements, now staying in one position, under the covers, sleeping comfortably all night. I cannot recommend this product enough, a must have for all parents whose children roam around the bed all night.


Clare Tudor


Nice to meet you Cuskiboo!

I would like to leave a comment just to say how good I think Cuskiboo is. We tested out Cuskiboo with our newborn son Adam, who is now 4 weeks old and I have to say he would not settle in his bouncer chair until we put in Cuskiboo along side him, now he sleeps in it quite the thing and he settles well. I think it is something we will use a lot when he is a bit older as well. Thanks Cuskiboo!!!!!!!!



Cuskiboo has a new home...

Just wanted other parents to know that Cuskiboo is a vital addition to any family. My first child (2 years) has the most disgusting looking comfort blanket you can imagine, as unfortunately someone brought her it as a gift and I cant buy another to replace it - such a bad idea! We cant go anywhere without it, and it is quite embarrassing as even when its washed it looked mucky, but it is her world...

With the arrival of my second baby I was determined not to make this mistake again. Cuskiboo has been the answer to my prayers - it washes so well, it comes out like new every time, and as you can get a double pack, you never have to worry about being without one. I am going to buy a spare and keep it in the car, as I have lost count of the amount of times Ive forgotten to put "blankie" in the car and had to turn around! Cuskiboo design is great as the arms and legs are short so there is no danger of it getting wrapped around babys neck - unlike "blankie" which I have to retrieve from my toddler every night once she is asleep. I cant praise Cuski enough - well done!



Our Dynamic Spanish Distributor Receives A Letter From The Spanish Minister Of Defence RE CUSKI !!

Dear Mariona, I would like to thank you sincerely your congratulations for my recent maternity and also the present you give me, a gratefulness that I request you make come to all the workers of your company. Of the same form, I want to give you the congratulations for your work on given calmness, tranquility and happiness to so many children of the world with Cuskis.

Best regards,

Carmen Chacón Piqueras SPANISH MINISTER OF DEFENCE - Spain


Harold the Cuski in New Zealand!

Just wanted to add to the heaps of parents who have already praised Cuski! Her and -Harold- has worked a treat. he (& his three brothers) are just an instant calming soother for her and although four years old now she would be very much lost without him! The only thing is my Mum has to send him via Air New Zealand to come out to us here in South Island - do you need a distributor in New Zealand at all!!!

Julia Hunter - NZ


Blue-ee matches Baby Joes eyes!

Dear Suzy & Cuski Central,
I made it safely to my new home in Sheffield! Baby Joe has given me lots of cuddles and I am settling in very well here. Joes Mummy tried to take a photo of Joe and me to send to you but Joe kept putting me over his face! I think she will try again another time. The family love my colour and say I match Joes eyes.

Am I going to be in a book?!? Id love to contribute to it. I might even be famous!!! Just think, they may even make a film about me. Hollywood here I come!

Lots of love, Blue-ee xx PS. Joes Mummy and Daddy arent really mad!

The Diacons Blue-ees new Family X


Sniffy The Cuski!

We bought our son his cuski when he was 5 months old as he was off to nursery, hes now 16 months old and we cant go anywhere without sniffy the cuski, even when we are out shopping he holds his cuski up to who ever we might bump in to and tries to make them sniff him.

Thankyou so much for our cuski!

love from gemma, phil, tommy and sniffy xx


By Far The Best...

Everyone had bought me all sorts of comforters when my little one was born. They were all furry , had rattles or not machine washable. She would chew them and the hairs of the fabric went in her mouth. I bought Cuski, looking for a replacement comforter, I have not gone back. She does not sleep without her Cuski! - She chews it – the hairs of the fabric DO NOT come out. - Machine washable – so all the dirt and germs can be removed. - Breathable material – my baby shoves it in her face to sleep with, I feel safe because of the way it has been designed. It is not a square piece of cloth, its arms and legs and head ensures baby doesn’t get trapped or suffocated.

Overall it is by far the best cute comforter available!

Ms. Syeda Rizvi


Hurry up Cuski Blue-ee!!

Cuski is his best friend, he loves him ever so, And everywhere that Matthew goes his Cuskis sure to go! He has a little brother now, whose name is baby Joe, And he loves Matthews Cuski, which is a big no no!! So Matthew said that baby Joe would like a Blue Cuski. And Cuski says he thinks that we had better order three! I think well need a bigger house for all the family, Mummy, Daddy, Matthew, Cuski, Joe and new Blue-ee!!!

When looking for a comforter for Matthew we came across Cuski in a little toy shop. He came highly recommended by the owner!! We thought he was funny looking but Matthew and Cuski became firm friends straight away and have been inseparable ever since. Matthew is now two and we have three Cream-ee Cuskis. They are all much loved and looking slightly threadbare but they wash fantastically and are still nice and soft. When Joe was born Matthew suggested that Joe would like a blue Cuski! We were delighted to find that Bluee-ee was about to be born. Whenever Joe cries, Matthew lends him his Cuski and says -baby Joe is happy now!- I think this shows that Cuski always makes Matthew feel safe and secure. Joe has temporarily adopted one of the Cuskis who lives in his cot and hides from Matthew - so Shhhhhh!! Dont tell him! He still thinks there is only one Cuski and we wouldnt be without him!! Best wishes,

Martin & Caroline- Sheffield, UK.


She calls him Dudy...

Hi Suzy and the Cuski Team, Hope you are well. Just thought I would let you know that this time 2 years ago, I was sleeping with Cuski waiting for Poppy to arrive, now nearly 2 years later she takes him everywhere. Recently she has given him a name of her own, she calls him Dudy - Think she is copying Cuski, but not quite there. I cant believe she is 2 next week... Thanks for inventing such a beautiful product. :)

Take care

Amy xxxxx


Cuski has travelled many many miles!

Hello, I just wanted to let you know that my son Sam was given a Cuski by his nanny when he was born in 2002, it is still his best friend - although he is now a little thread bear and paler than he originally was, Cuski has travelled many many miles and been lost (and returned) in many strange places the most bizarre being Bodmin gaol - I cannot recommend Cuskis highly enough.

Pearl Powell


Pinkee has arrived..

Hi The Pinkee Cuskis have arrived!! They are stunning. I bought the double pack to keep one either in the car or to keep whilst the other one is being washed or dried, but my daughter Seren has other ideas, she is eating her breakfast with the 2 pinkee cuskis and the reddy one!!! I think she will have all 3 now unless I can try and sneak one away!! Thanks very much for the rapid delivery and being so hopeful, im sure I will be back if you bring any new designs out Thanks again!

Carina & Seren


"Its fab!!"

When i received Cuski i was looking forward to seeing how my baby would react to it..well, he loves it. Hes 8 weeks old now and although he cant hold it yet, he absolutely loves having it next to his face when hes sleeping. Its so cute to watch him snuggled up to it. Hopefully the Cuski will continue to comfort him when sleeping for many months to come :-)



Pinkee Cuski

I LOVE PINKEE!!!!!!! Poppy has stolen it from Daisy... Not that a 4 week old Daisy has noticed... Think we are going to have fun with this!!! ;)

Amy, Ian, Poppy & Daisy


Gandolph the Cuski!

I am writing to tell you how much we like your cuskis. I bought 1 for my son when he was 3months old, as he wouldnt take to a dummy, and stumbled upon Cuski in my local baby shop and he fell in love with (Gandolph) Cuski immediately. Strange name I hear you all say, it started as a joke but then it stayed and Sam only knows him as Gandolph now.

Whenever he is tired or teething Gandolph is never far away. All my friends think Gandolph is scary but like I tell them its the best thing I have ever bought for Sam. I have just ordered a Minty Cuski ready for our next baby but we won\'t be able to find such a good name as Gandolph!!! Thank you Cuski, for such a simple invention, its great.

Thanks, Sarah from Bournemouth


Confident Little Girl..

I have just ordered our Cuski pinkees which my daughter so excited about, she has had a Cuski since she was born and now at the age of 4yrs she has a whole Cuski collection!. Cuski is by far the best thing we have ever bought for her. As a baby it helped her feel safe and secure and helped us enjoy a good nights sleep and now as she is getting older Cuski is her secret little confidence booster, if Cuski is with her then everything is just fine. Cuski has definitely helped my daughter to grow into a confident little girl, thank you so much for such a fantastic product.

Emma Booth


Thank you very much

We love the cuski pillow. Both my husband and I have the adult version and since my daughter started using this pillow nearly a year now she loves it and has a great nights sleep! We also take it away with us as it is so small it doesn’t take much room. We went to spain this summer and took it there it gives her the added security at night of something familiar. She is 2½ years old. The only downfall was that there wasn’t any extra pillow cases available when we purchased it but that has been remedied now so great!

Thank you very much.

Dipa Patel



I purchased one for my 5 month old daughter, I kept it down my top for a few hours and as soon as i gave it to her she cuddled it and fell asleep within minutes.

Thank you!!!!!

Nicola Haley


Fantastic Pillow!

Just a note to tell you how much I appreciate you bringing out this new pillow for children. My son has always tossed and turned through the night and wakes up naggy and complains of needles in his small hands. Not anymore! I am so impressed he now sleeps completely through the night and wakes up a happy little boy! It took a week or so to work and its been plain sailing for the last 4 weeks. I cannot recommend this pillow enough - thank you from the bottom of my heart !

Jen C - London


Absolutely Brilliant !

Absolutely brilliant ! I would just like to reiterate what a fantastic product this really is, my daughter tested this product for this years Mother and Baby’s awards and we praised it highly. Jorja normally wiggles in her bed to try and get comfortable, but when using the pillow she stayed in the same position throughout the whole night. The idea of the orthopaedic pillow for children is great, as it will prevent back/neck problems before they occur in later life and I am sure that parents up and down the country will be investing in their childs future by buying this product.

Thank you Cuski for bringing this product to the market and many thanks for giving me the opportunity to test this wonderful product.

Mrs Iona Strachan


Cuski la la!

Our daughter Berrie loves her cuski which she calls her la la! We will certainly be getting one for our new arrival in Feb and a replacement one for Berrie after 3 years of washing its looking a bit worse for wear! Thank you for inventing such a fanatastic baby comforter.

C Lusha


Makes a difference!

When Alistair first started using the pillow, it took him a while to get used to its shape. But he loved having his own special pillow, and the wee cover-bag that comes with it, means he can take it with him when he goes to his Grandmas. After using it for a week, i noticed a big change in the time he woke in the morning, he stayed in bed longer and seemed less ratty during the day. Then, we went away for a week and I forgot to take his pillow (I know, I know, terrible mother!). I noticed with a normal pillow, he didnt seem to settle as well and seemed tired during the day. He even complained of a sore neck one morning! I myself suffer insomnia and bought an adult pillow simular to this one, and i sleep far better with it. When the twins are old enough, i will definitely be buying them 1 each! The quality is fantastic, i just wish you would get 2 covers with it, so 1 can be on whilst the other is being washed. We dont think anything of spending money on decorating their rooms and bedding, at £35 for a pillow, seems a lot, but for a settled toddler, isnt it worth it? We think so!

Pennie, Mother of 3


Pinkee Cuski

Hello Cuski team, i have just read your latest news and very excited about the new pinkee cuski i will be buying it as my daughter takes more to the colour cuskis she loves her red one!! thanks again, keep up the good work cuskis are fab!!



Amber loves her pillow!

If I was not doing the review i would never have thought a pillow could help so much! Amber-Rose is 2 years old and loves this pillow! When we gave it to her she got all excited as this was her own little thing, she has stayed out a couple of times, what with me having to go in to hospital to have the baby and she has made sure she took it with her bless i cant go without my pillow she says :) I have noticed that she is a lot more happier in the day and she doesnt tend to get crankie when tired, she just tells me she is tired and settles down for a nap, this never happened before we got the pillow. Also even though Vinnie is only 4 days old he has woke her up in the night a couple of times but she has just snuggled her head back into her pillow and gone back off to sleep she looks more comftable asleep and now she is used to it she sleeps on it more then off, i would defo recommend getting one for your childs first pillow x

Leanne & Amber-Rose



My 2 year old loves his pillow. He takes it everywhere with him along with his 2 blankets. I love that the pillow case is made in the same soft fabric as the cuski comforter. When in the wash and if I dont manage to get it dry I just slip a normal pillow case over but as he loves it so much I only wash it if I can get it dry lol. He was not sleeping very well in his toddler bed but since getting his new pillow he has not moved once :-)

Gillian, Mother of 5!


Sleepy Baby-magical effect

I would just like to comment what a magical effect a cuski has on my 16 month old daughter Poppy. She has had a cuski since she was 3 months old and its the best thing I ever bought her. Everytime I give it to her she melts into a glassy eyed sleepy baby and she wont leave home without it. I would definitely recommend it to any new parent and when I have my next baby it will be the first thing on my shopping list (in a different colour of course)!!!!!!

Nikki Stevenson


Not at the wrong end of the bed anymore!

The kids love their pillows! Biba sleeps much better now. When I go in to tuck her in she is still positioned on the pillow and I have even stopped going it to Sonny cause I know that he wont be at the wrong end of the bed anymore!

Thank you Cuski X

Sian & family


"Fantastic item"

I had never heard of a cuski comforter until I had an email to say I had won a twin pack. I quickly did some research into what one was and was delighted to know a pair were on the way to me. My son who is 18 months goes nowhere without his 2 blankets and as you can imagine they get grubby quickly and trying to get them off him to get them washed is a nightmare. He sits infront of the washer screaming. The day the cuskis arrived I gave 1 to him and he fell in love with it straight away and never goes to bed without it. He still uses his blankets during the day but he has to have his cuski at night. This means its much easier for me to wash the blankets. I also won a red cuski and it means my 7 month old daughter has one too. She loves to cuddle it and suck on the large label. They are absolutely a must for any parent and parent to be. I am currenlty pregnant again and will be purchasing 1 for my new baby in a different colour so they dont get mixed up.

Gillian - Mother of 4


"Cuddly Cuski"

I was so excited about my cuski. Initial impression, ideal for a newborn but was wondering how 1yr old daughter would take to this new comforter. It is very soft and perfect size. Right size for cuddling. So at the moment we are on a weaning process cuski while we are out and blanket at night, i do think if she had had the cuski from newborn it would have been great.So far so good.

Chontelle - mother of two - review date 31st July 2007


"Brilliant Product"

I was given a Cuski by a Friend and at first I didnt think much of it. I thought it looked plain and ugly. I gave it to my Son who was a couple of months old, and he LOVED it! He never goes to bed at night without it, and wont settle if its not there. I also won a Cuski and my 3year old son took ot that one! He too goes to bed everynight with it tucked under his arm. The great thing about the cuski is that it is SO soft! Even after washing many times, it still looks brand new! We go away quite alot and its a perfect size to sqeeze into an already overpacked case. I will certianly get one for any future children.

Caroline - Mother to Two Boys - review date 31st July 2007



Cuski certainly seems to have a magical effect on my son too! Cant recommend Cuskis enough every parent -baby should have one. I recently saw them being used at the Princess Royal in Kent, in the neonatal unit, well done what a brilliant product for babies!

Danniella C, London


Pillow talk

Best pillow ever, my daughter has had a fantastic nights sleep, and I am just about to buy another pillow for myself!

Thank you

Susan & Lucey, Devon



Fantastic! fantastic! - exceptional Pillow-thank you very much indeed.

Amy-Jays, Germany


Best Nights Sleep For Both Of Us

FAB PILLOW*. Best nights sleep my son has had. Me too!! Really works. Thanks!

Louise, Rotherham


A bit worse for wear !

Max has had his cuski for 6 years and it still goes to bed with him. Its looking a bit worse for the wear now but he wouldnt swap it for anything!

Allison Carter


Sleeping through the night with Cuski Kids Pillow

Hi there, just wanted to let you know, how impressed I am with the Cuski Pillow. My son has never been a good sleeper , always tossing and turning and randomly waking through the night, I had eventually given up trying to find an answer (even the doctors did not have one for me) and settled with the thought he would grow out of it in due course. Until I found your pillow, that is. At first he found it a little strange, having been used to an adult feather pillow, but after the first week , his waking up was down to 3 times instead of 4. The second week, I woke up just to check he was Okay, as he didnt wake me up once on one evening and he was in the same position as when he had fallen asleep! It is now week 4, and I must say, we are both sleeping through the night- all night. I cant tell you enough how this has changed my days. I am getting the rest I need and my son is waking up in a good mood !!!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I will be recommending this magic pillow to all my parent friends.

Vicky Richards- Wales


11 hours per night sleep..

My little girl has had 2 cuskis from being about 6 weeks old, known to Molly as Cuk, she sleeps minimum 11 hrs per night and has done from being 5 months old. Its nice to read things from genuine customers also, lets be honest we read adverts in magazines or whatever and think oh well I will try it. But Cuski for me is a rare one where it actually does what it says on the tin so to speak.
I will definitely be trying a pillow when she moves to a bed. Thanks so much. Keep up the good work.

Kim & Molly Bell


Oh my goodness 5 Cuskis...

My daughter now has 5 Cuskis and I think the pillow will be a welcome addition to her Cuski family! My cousin gave my daughter a Cuski when she was born, she is now coming up for 2 years old and wont be without her Cuskis! We keep 1 in the car (nothing worse than leaving home and finding out youve forgotten it!), 1 in her room, 1 at nursery and the others are usually in the wash (any thoughts on making a black cuski!!).
The Cuski is great at providing her with comfort, it helps her sleep and calms her down if she is upset. It is also great for me! When Carmen is at nursery at least I know that she has her Cuski with her with my smells on it. It helps relieve the guilt of being a working mum.
Cuski is also her friend, she now talks to him (ours appear to be boys!) and includes him in all her activities - including painting! Cuskis do great finger painting!
So, I would be grateful if you could let me know when the pillows arrive so I can order one.

Thank you !

Phillipa & Carmen x


Cuski is a Godsend !

This is an absolute god send for a new baby - we put this cuski in our bed 3-4 weeks before our baby was born to allow our "Mummy & Daddy" smell to get onto it. Our daughter loved it from day 1 and we have now purchased a second one for our No. 2 baby that is due March 07. Would recommend this item to anyone!!!! Buy with confidence knowing that this will bring your child a feeling of security and relaxation.

Toni Newlove


Chewed & Loved so much !

Just to say a big thanks for sending our new red Cuski so promptly. My son has had a cream one (well two, so when ones in the wash...) for 3 years now and they have been chewed and loved so much that I thought I\'d get him one of your new red ones. I told him I was going to dye his old Cuski to make her like new again, and he loves her even more than before now!! I will be ordering the minty one for my 1 year old son soon. Best things we have ever bought - thanks again.

Naomi Barker


Cuski is the best !

Cuski is the best thing son of 1 loves his cuski & he only parts from it for a few mins at a time. Its helped through the teething stages aswell ur website i have found to be very interesting & i regulary check back 4 any latest news. A big thankyou from Bailey & family X

Bailey & Family


So Excited !

I have just purchased a Reddy Cuski for my daughter Zoe, she loves her creamee cuski so much, that I thought I would surprise her for Christmas with the new red one- I dont know who will be more excited me or Zoe !!! Thank you Cuski for a lovely product, that really works.

Louise & Zoe Smith, Fife, Scotland


We love Minty !!!

Thanks to Minty, we no longer have our twins squabling over Cuski at bed times. Its gorgeous, and red Cuskis have been ordered for Christmas surprise ! Keep up the good work ! Relieved mother of Bliss and Honey x

Roseanne- Hove, Brighton


Fantastic Service

I was recommended a Cuski as a perfect present for my first niece, by my partner\'s 6 year old nephew. However, there were no stockists in my local area. Cuski sent my Brother and his wife the comforter direct, along with a card, which arrived the next day. Fantastic service, thankyou Cuski!

Iain Jacobs


Thank you !

I have bought loads of cuskis for friends babies and one for my one. She is now 6 years old and still has to have cuski with her - especially when she goes to stay with Granny for the night! Thank you!

Emma Safhill


Yuk ! Much prefer Cuski !

Having had Cuskis for both of my children, I was surprised to see the story about the so called \'engineered hand\' in the Daily Mail the other day. Cuski has had the concept of sleeping with mummy and picking up scents for 5 years, so are they trying to copy you ? Bit late and it looks awful ! Much prefer a Cuski any day ! My children have been attached since they were born, they have given my little ones, partner and I , much needed sleep and comfort for a long time ! Thank you for a super product and one that actually works !

Sophie A, London


We love Cuski !

I laughed when I read the origination of Cuskis name. When our second was born in 2005 we couldnt have a second cuski as my son thinks there is only one in the world. So our second is a bit different but we call him Bryn as an abbreviation of Brynbuga which is Welsh for a place we know well called Usk! Im not really mad, but we love Cuski, good luck with your number two. Currently buying my fourth Mr Cuski as a present....

Lindsay Dobson


Minty ! Thank you !

Hi. I bought a Cuski for my daughter when she was born (and soon ended up ordering another one- one in the wash is the way to go!) She still adores her Cuski even though she is now two and a half and sleeps with him snuggled up every night. I\'m expecting my second baby (a boy) in September so I was thrilled to find that you are now making them in Mint green - perfect for the new arrival, and perfect timing. I already have my duo pack on pre-order! Many thanks.

Marie Kendrick


Every baby should have one !!

Just a quick line to say thank you for this fantastic product. Simple not fussy and does exactly what it says on the box ! My daughter has slept through the night since she was 4 weeks old, thanks to having Cuski. I cant recommend it enough, every parent should have one for their babies as far as Im concerned ! Thank you Cuski !

April Oyster - London


Cuski Travelled Across The World With Me.

My Mummy bought me 2 "Gees" (Cuskis pet name) when I was a baby, she slept with them in her bed before I was born, and then when I arrived they were always there to welcome me into my cot and remind me of Mummy. When I was 3 months old I went across the world to live in Australia, and I brought my "gees" with me. I am now a big boy of 21 months but my gee accompanies me to bed, to nurser, to playgoup, to my friends houses, into rainforests, to the beach, to the mountains and everywhere I go.

Mummy has a baby in her tummy that will be here for Christmas and she couldnt find a Cuski for it in Australia, so Cuski have kindly sent a different coloured one so we can show everybody Downunder...Thank you Cuski !!

Reubin Mills, Australia


My little boy loves his Cuski !

Just a short note to say thanks for the exceptional service that I have received! I am expecting our second baby and asked if you make Cuski in a different colour. Within a couple of days I was sent a sample of a Cuski with a different coloured hat. My little boy loves his Cuski and during the night or when doesnt feel well he is inseparable from it ! Thanks again !!

Madele de Lange


All the way from OZ !

Just love your new website, hope you get Cuskis selling in Australia soon !!

Vicky Mills Queensland, Australia


Cuski goes everywhere...

We purchased a Cuski for our daughter Ria before she was born and are so glad we did. Ria is almost 2 now and her Cuskis go everywhere with her. We had to buy another because we were worried about it getting lost!

I am expecting another baby in November and will be buying more; it\'s such a novel idea. We even get stopped by people wondering what it is! Keep up the good work.

Cindy, Swanborough


A cuddle from Cuski sends her to sleep straight away.

"From the moment we gave Emily her Cuski she loved it. A one month old I gave Cuski to her for the first time and she immediately began cuddling and sucking it. Now at 3 months old it is more popular than ever.

I have a spare for washing but think I need more for the car, pram etc! Thank you for making Cuski. If she is ever unsettled, she cuddles Cuski and falls asleep straight away!"

Linda and 13 week old Emily


A Huge Success!

I am writing to buy another Cuski after the huge success of the first two. I had twin girls born six weeks early and they had to stay in hospital for 3 weeks.

My mum told me about Cuski. We bought two and I slept with them for the first night so they would have my scent on them. I took them to the hospital the next day and put them in the incubators with the girls and they have never had a night apart since.

Thank you. Mrs. J Champion


Cuski is great!

"My daughter is currently teething and the only thing that seems to provide any comfort for her is Cuski. I cannot recommend this product enough. It’s the best thing I’ve bought for my baby."

Kerry Wilson


To the lovely people at the wonderful place where our Cuskis come from

“My name is Jack and my twin brother is Lucas. My mummy says that now we are old enough we must say thank you properly for our Cuskis –they are called Clarence and Cuthbert, by the way.

You were so kind that, when our mummy had us in her tummy, you organised for her to have two different coloured Cuskis for us – so she could tell the difference. They are so wonderful we have bought them for all of our friends too.”

With love, Jack and Lucas Oldridge


Thank you Cuski!

“I recently purchased a Cuski for my seven month old son, Scott, who was waking through the night crying for a cuddle. He now sleeps with Cuski for twelve hours through the night. Thank you!”



Cuski is Amazing!

“My sister bought Cuski for my baby when he was born and I gave it to him from day one. He has slept through the night from just 12 weeks old and I believe Cuski has a lot to do with it as it does comfort him. He is just over 1 year old now and loves Cuski like no other toy – it has an almost magical effect on him when he gets tired or fed up.

As far as I’m concerned no home with a baby should be without a Cuski – they are simply amazing and fabulous value.”

Mrs Sharron Cooper, Mirfield, West Yorkshire